Make Money Online: Reviewing Calls for Humanatic

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is a crowd sourced solution for call categorization that filters, sorts, and tags calls for new business opportunities.

In other words, Humanatic uses a human call reviewer to filter calls from a certain company inquiring about their business, current order or other information that a buyer would like to know from a producer.

Crowdsourcing is another term that is usually used in this kind of work where group of crowd or people are needed to facilitate a certain task.

If you are familiar with Mturk and Cloudcrowd you might want to try out working as a call reviewer in Humanatic as well since both has similarities.

What will you do as a Humanatic worker?

If you got accepted in the program, you’ll basically listen to phone calls through your computer and sort or tag them into categories. It is really easy to categorize call, depending on the kind of task that you will get. For instance, if you have a category about “Reason not connected”, as the title implies, you will tag the call why it was not connected to the party.

It could be one of the following;

  • Wrong number, junk call
  • Caller reached a voicemail
  • Connected to a live agent
  • Hung up while on hold or during 30+ seconds of ringing

Anyways, all calls are previously recorded. It was received by a certain company (it could be a car distributor or a service contractor, etc.) wanting to know their lead or possible sale from a certain client. One great feature of their call interface is that you have the option to pause or repeat a call, so that you can better choose the correct tagging for the said call.

It is basically an easy job whereas you can just sit and listen to different calls. It is a nice way to get some extra money for grocery and stuff.

How much will you earn per call with Humanatic?

First of all, working as a call reviewer at Humanatic will never gonna make you rich. Like any other work online kind of job, especially if it crowdsourcing, you will earn a few cents per task or call. But if you have a good internet connection and you were given loads and loads of task to categorize then you might probably earn extra money to pay some bills and what not.

Currently, they pay from 0.6 cents to 2.5 cents per completed work. While a single task can be done from 10 seconds to a minute depending on the length of the call.

What I like about Humanatic?

Bonuses! Right now, they are giving bonuses for correctly marking 10 consecutive audited calls and yes , they frequently audit calls so you better choose the correct category of each call.

Humanatic Pays Weekly

Another reason why  like working at humanatic is they pay weekly.

You must need a verified Paypal to get you earnings and you can make a payment request once you reached 10 dollars. They process payment every Monday and Tuesday.

How to apply?

To register go to Humanatic

Humanatic also accepts international applicants.

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